Just got my hands on a note 3 - What are your favourite Cust

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Hello everyone,,
So my mate just gave me his old Note 3 (Australian, SM-N9005). Before this, I was using a Galaxy S4 that my partner gave to me after I dropped and completely annihilated ovo.fyi/xvideos/ my OnePlus One. I know the S4 is a bit newer than the Note 3, but I wanted a bigger screen; I've been getting into Comics/Manga for the first time in my life and the only gripe ovo.fyi/xnxx/ I had was it was hard to read some pages without zooming in, but the Note's screen is much better, a little bit more screen real estate makes a huge difference!

I was using LineageOS on the S4 and the Note 3 that my mate has given me is running an unofficial LineageOS ROM. I'm not sure where he got it, but it's not able to be updated via the software update and it's having some major problems - the time service keeps crashing and the time ovo.fyi/chaturbate/ on my device is jumping all over the place completely randomly; it'll be right then all of a sudden it will jump forward 4 hours or something. The other problem, the most annoying one, is that nothing appears when I receive/make a call, meaning that I can't answer or hang up!

I was just going to download an official LineageOS ROM and fresh install, but I thought I may as well ask around and see what other people recommend! I love exploring new operating systems and stuff so I think I'll try whatever you guys recommend! If I don't like it I can always fall back to LineageOS :P

Cheers for taking the time to read this, I look forward to seeing what you guys are using!
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