The HTC One M7 is "One" of the best devices this year for it

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Poslaťod andyb99 » Uto 20. Aug 2019 11:12:38

I own many devices at the shop I work at. Samsung S9+ being a favorite of mine. However, I want to give appreciation to a nice little phone that came out in 2013...The HTC One M7.

Why? Because its so surprising that the support for this device, is better than some devices that came out a year or 2 ago.

On the XDA forums, I see a new Android rom for this 2013 phone, every time. It's amazing that a device that had android 4 on it at launch, has the ability to go to android oreo 8.1. It doesn't really lag on oreo too! It's been pretty smooth on android oreo.Those people at XDA deserve a lot for making this device still fast and on the latest os.
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